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Environmental PSAs

The PSA workshop – a part of Mission STEMCAP – focuses on strategies of communication. Students create posters that broke down key issues and educated people about environmental challenges.

Chimera Collage

Students created Chimera* collages out of wildlife photos from reused magazine clippings.
*Chimera are imaginative hybrid creatures composed of physical attributes that represent different qualities.

Drawing with Bacteria

Using inoculator rods and various species of bacteria, students drew virtually invisible artworks on agar plants. The bacterial growth over time, revealed the true colors of the bacteria they used. Students learned about the nature of bacteria growth and explored a medium that allows artists to partner with natural processes and living things.

Botanical Illustration

Students learned about scientific names, plant parts, and botanical illustrations and then drew their own botanical artwork. 

Plant-based Story Telling (Fall 2021)

Students made their own comics – centering plants and non-human species to engage with their stories.

Cyanotype Workshop (Fall 2021)

Using special sun-sensitive paper and a variety of stencils, students made their own Cyanotypes! Cyanotypes are an original method of photography and get their color from a chemical reaction involving iron.

Cyanotype Workshop
Turbulence and Watercolor workshop

Students learned the effects that the turbulent properties of water have on watercolors. They then made watercolor “flexagons” with abstract designs and haikus.

3-D Viruses

With a virologist, students learned how to construct 3D models of real viruses!

Clouds and Watercolors

Students learned about the science behind cloud formations. The students created their own watercolor paints using spices and other natural materials to help represent the impurities needed to form clouds.

“Squishy Circuits”

Students learned about how circuits work and then got the chance to make their own with conductive dough and LED lights.


Students used oil pastels to demonstrate climate change on their own environments

Entropy Art

Students learned about entropy by looking at examples found within the Great Salt Lake and Spiral Jetty. In order to reflect this natural chaos, they used bouncy balls and paint to demonstrate entropy.

Overconsumption Collage

Students learned about Overconsumption and created collages using up-cycled materials.