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The youth at DSI/Gemstone participated in a project directed by the University of Utah STEM/CAP ambassadors in tandem with the Utah Museum of Fine Arts.  The kids worked to re-produce illustrated art created by a Utah Artist, Brooke Smart.  She won a UMFA contest to illustrate oversized cards celebrating powerful Women from Utah’s history.  These women are highlighted in the Better Days Installation at UFMA.   Also participating was Andy Sposato, a female scientist working with the genetics of the Zebra fish on a project at the University of Utah.  Her task includes finding and marking mutations in fish of successive generation, but she has worked with many different biological avatars to continue her work.  Our youth were able to participate in an activity that clearly showed how mutations are passed from parent to offspring.  These mutations are also often shared with siblings.

The watercolor portraits turned out really great, and we sent copies of them to be displayed by PowerPoint at the UMFA.  Our Young Men and Women completed a reflection page on why it’s important to celebrate women.  They did a nice job explaining why they chose the women they chose. We concluded our activity with a symposium/breakfast where we celebrated the work of the kids and followed up on any questions they may have had.

It is our great pleasure and honor to have these types of opportunities.  Our youth were surprised and  pleased to find out about the rich history our women ancestors have played in our home state.

-Submitted by Kath, Science Teacher, DSI/Gemstone

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