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Presenter Guidance

The environment of a Youth-In-Custody facility is unique and offers challenges and experiences different from those that most scientists and artists are used to encountering. YIC students have extremely varied educational backgrounds and capabilities. In addition, each center operates slightly differently. STEMCAP staff works with teachers within these centers in order to provide programs that meet the centers’ needs. Over the past three years, we have developed a strong relationship with our partner centers as well as a deeper understanding of what makes for the most impactful programming at each facility. Our guidelines are always evolving as we continue to learn and as centers continue to change.

STEMCAP Brochure and Activity Sheet

This article and activity sheet were produced for STEMCAP by Futurum, a magazine and online platform aimed at inspiring young people to pursue careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and SHAPE (social sciences, humanities, and the arts for people and the economy). For more information and teaching and careers resources, visit

These items describe the STEMCAP program as it has developed since its inception and our recommendations in what to consider when working with Youth In Custody/Care.

STEMCAP Recorded Webinar

STEMCAP Associate Director Laura George and Program Coordinator Fiona Kuzmack presented via webinar for the Utah Society for Environmental Education in January 2022, giving an overview of the Youth-In-Custody program as a whole, the role of educators in the Juvenile Justice System, and how STEMCAP contributes to supplementary STEM Education in YIC facilities.

STEMCAP Handbook

The objective of this document is to guide members of academic institutions who wish to create, maintain, and evaluate the impacts of Youth-In-Custody-centered STEM education Programs fostered by scientists across the country.