Mission STEMCAP is a five-part programming series that takes place at five different youth-in-care facilities. 

A group of students at each of the five facilities will work with STEMCAP staff and guest presenters for about one period a day  over a span of 2 weeks on one of the five environmental “Grand Challenges” of today: biodiversity loss, pollution, overconsumption, extinction, and climate disruption. The “mission” is to help students learn about, respond to, and teach others about their assigned grand challenge through multiple workshops, activities and lectures facilitated by the STEMCAP staff while demonstrating to students the ways that they can tackle grand challenges in their own lives.

Conservation Projects

Conservation projects are longer form hands-on programs that allow students to participate directly in real conservation efforts through specific projects. So far, students have worked on a Milkweed Project for which they grew milkweed in a greenhouse at their facility in order to provide waypoints for migrating Monarchs. This project will continue annually. Additionally, students will be working on a seed-saving Workshop that allows them to learn about the benefits of saving seeds while also allowing them to plant various species and harvest their seeds in order to sustain a new plot the following year.