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The students at Decker Lake just finished their two week long Mission STEMCAP series about Overconsumption. This series was focused on educating the students about the issues and solutions surrounding human overconsumption.

In week 1 of this series the students got an overview presentation about Overconsumption and what it is. They also got to watch the documentary A Life on Our Planet with David Attenborough. Later that week the students heard from a scientist who studies microplastics and learned about their effects on the earth. To wrap up that week the students created collages made from up cycled materials to express their feelings and thoughts surrounding overconsumption.

In week 2 of the series the Utah Museum of Fine Arts was able to give the students a virtual tour of the museum highlighting works that focused on up-cycling and Overconsumption. The students wrote about their reflections through Haiku as well as short statements to a University of Utah undergraduate class.

To wrap up the series a celebratory symposium was held at the end and students were able to share their work and discuss their final reflections about Overconsumption.

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