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Seed Saving Workshop at Decker Lake  

We kicked off Fall Semester on September 9th with a Seed Saving workshop at Decker Lake with our returning presenters Rikki Longino, from the Seed Library the SLC downtown Public Library, and Alice Maguire. Rikki and Alice presented to a total of twelve students, showing them the different ways that seeds present in common flora and how to harvest them for future use!

They were given dried lettuce, sunflowers, dill, basil, and fresh tomatoes to harvest their seed and place them in their own envelopes, ready for storage. With the elements of the indigenous tradition of the Honorable Harvest, students learned the importance of maintaining biodiversity, being generous with the earth’s resources, and creating a sustainable future of food. 

In the Spring, Rikki and Alice will be helping the students to plant the seeds that they collected in the central courtyard of the youth center – where the students have already begun several gardening projects! 

Among several of the reflections, students noted the tenants of the Honorable Harvest that most resonated with them: 

“Take only what you need. Others might need it more than you”

“Never take the first, never take the last. It means to me to be grateful for and humble for what you have”

“We can give back by doing simple things”



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