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This week students at Farmington Bay Youth Center participated in virtual STEMCAP workshops in which they conducted labs led by Chemists from the Center for Synthetic Organic Electrochemistry. After the scientists provided an overview of batteries and circuits, students used a variety of materials to conduct and channel electricity. Lab activities included: 1) splitting water molecules using electricity, 2) using cabbage juice to determine if the chemical reaction involved in the splitting of water was creating an acid or a base, 3) using conductive and non-conductive homemade playdough to create a circuit and light LED bulbs, and 4) creating batteries out of Coca-Cola, Gatorade, lemon juice, copper (and/or pennies) and zinc (and/or galvanized metal washers). Students got creative with their playdough circuits (pictured above). Following the hands-on portion of the workshop,
each scientist shared with students what they do both in and outside of their labs and what lead them down their current career or academic path.

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