“Found Poem” Collage, Mission STEMCAP Extinction Writing Workshop
Bacteria Imagery/ Agar Plate Bacteria Art

Students learned about the role of bacteria and the process of plating them into agar plates.

Botanical Illustration

Students learned about scientific names, plant parts, and botanical illustrations and then drew their own botanical artwork. 

Cyanotype Workshop
Turbulence and Watercolor workshop

Students learned the effects that the turbulent properties of water have on watercolors. They then made watercolor “flexagons” with abstract designs and haikus.

3-D Viruses

With a virologist, students learned how to construct 3D models of real viruses!

Mission STEMCAP; Biodiversity Loss, Watercolors

Students drew pictures of animals inside their habitats, reflecting on the theme of Biodiversity Loss

Clouds and Watercolors

Students learned about the science behind cloud formations. The students created their own watercolor paints using spices and other natural materials to help represent the impurities needed to form clouds.

“Squishy Circuits”

Students learned about how circuits work and then got the chance to make their own with conductive dough and LED lights.

Tree Ring Activity

Students learned about Climate Change and its effects on Juniper trees. They then got to look at tree ring samples and graph how wet or dry each year was since they were born according to the tree rings.

Shaving Cream Art

Chemistry Art/Science

Portraits of Influential Women

In a partnership between the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) and the Better Days 2020, project students created portraits of influential women throughout history.

Fish Classification

After instruction from a fish biologist, students classified and created their own species of fish.

Entropy Art

Students learned about entropy by looking at examples found within the Great Salt Lake and Spiral Jetty. In order to reflect this natural chaos, they used bouncy balls and paint to demonstrate entropy.


Students used oil pastels to demonstrate climate change on their own environments

Overconsumption Collage

Students learned about Overconsumption and created collages using up-cycled materials.

Habitat Books

Students drew creatures and their habitats with watercolors

“Squishy” Circuits (Fall 2021)

Students learned about how circuits work and then got the chance to make their own with conductive dough and LED lights.

Cyanotype Workshop (Fall 2021)
Plant-based Story Telling (Fall 2021)

Students made their own comics – centering plants and non-human species to engage with their stories.