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Sheri Quinn Gibbs started her public radio career in 1998 in Salt Lake City, UT after documenting one of the most polluted areas in the U.S, Hanford Nuclear Waste Facility. Science radio was nearly nonexistent at the time so she started the first one in Utah called Knowledge In A Nutshell. KIAN eventually morphed into SQ Radio. In 2012, two horses and a flat tire landed her on the Lost Coast in Northern California, where she served as a reporter and news director for Mendocino Public Broadcasting. Stories ranged from indigenous tribal rights to massive wildfires, cannabis farming, abalone poaching and everything else happening in rural redwood country. Mrs. Quinn-Gibbs is currently working on an aerospace documentary project.


Her news and feature stories have aired on Kuer, UPR, Kqed, the California Report, NPR, and other local, regional, national and international media outlets.


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