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Roger Renteria

“Environmental (In)Justice” Sociology, University of Utah
Presentation: Environmental (In)Justice
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Roger is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Utah where he is a fellow of the Global Change and Sustainability Center and affiliated with the Center for Natural and Technological Hazards. His research and teaching interests are in environmental sociology, environmental justice, and social inequalities. He looks forward to continuing to mentor students from underrepresented groups in higher education.

Sara Grineski, Roger Renteria, and Camden Alexander (University of Utah Department of Sociology and the Center for Natural & Technological Hazards) study environmental injustice and environmental health disparities. They led an interactive workshop on environmental justice, citizen science, and air pollution monitoring through Mission STEMCAP in 2021. Their workshop included background information on environmental injustice, an introduction to the EPA’s EJ SCREEN tool for mapping environmental injustices at the community level, and building air pollution sensors using Legos.


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