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Dr. Rodolfo Probst

“Do All Ants Eat Sugar”, “Ants and Insect Biodiversity” Entomology, University of Utah
Presentation: Do All Ants Eat Sugar Presentation: Insect Biodiversity
Photo of Dr. Rodolfo Probst

Biographical Info

Rodolfo Probst works in Dr. Jack Longino’s Lab at the University of Utah, where he investigates the evolution of ant-plan mutualistic interactions. Specifically, he studies how fast (evolutionary speaking) it takes for arboreal ants to evolve a “true friendship” with their plant hosts. Rodolfo received his B.S. and Master’s from The State University of São Paulo and the Zoology Museum of the University of São Paulo, respectively. He is led by his interest in ant evolution, as well as his passion for tropical fieldwork, teaching the public about bugs and conservation, and exploring the outdoors – or complex mallard reactions in his kitchen.

Rodolfo studies ants in the School of Biological Science at the University of Utah. He gave a Science Right Now presentation about ant and insect diversity and gave comparisons of many species of ants. 

He has also given students a chance to find their own backyard critters, leading a bug collection and observation activity.

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