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Rikki Longino is a community botanist, herbalist, and organizer in Salt Lake City, Utah. They received a Bachelor of Science in Urban Ecology from the University of Utah in 2016. Rikki founded The Mobile Moon Co-op in 2017, a female and queer community farm and apothecary. They currently operate The City Library’s Community Garden and Seed Library, which is a resource for anyone to access information and materials in the realm of gardening and food sovereignty. Rikki has worked with The University of Utah’s Environmental Humanities Graduate Program, The Edible Campus Gardens, The Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective, The Green Urban Lunchbox, The Utah Permaculture Collective and other non-profit and unaffiliated organizations in the Wasatch Valley to promote ecological literacy and equitable environmental solutions to climate change and industrialization.


Seed Saving 101

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