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Movement and Physiology
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Natalie Gotter is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance specializing in Dance Education at
Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. She received her BA in Communication from Tulane
University and her MFA in Modern Dance from the University of Utah. Natalie is a specialist in
Arts-in-Education as an educator with Tanner Dance and the director of the Muhlenberg
Community Dance Center where she focuses on the intersection of creative practices and
traditional educational curriculum through community arts outreach and engagement. She is
interested in how movement provides new information about identity for the student; allowing
students to increase their confidence in all abilities through the use of the body. She has been
an educator at the University of Utah, Utah Valley University, Westminster College, and Salt
Lake Community College and her performance and creative work have been presented across
the country.


Movement and Physiology

Robotic Movement Lesson 2

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