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Katie Seastrand

“Utah Women working for Better Days”, Virtual Museum Tours Utah Museum of Fine Arts
Presentation: Utah Women Working for Better Days
Photo of Katie Seastrand

Biographical Info

Katie began working at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts in the fall of 2019 as a coordinator of school and teacher programs. Katie grew up in Utah with an early love for art and art history. She has a bachelor’s degree in art history from Brigham Young University and a master of arts in teaching in museum education at George Washington University. Katie is passionate about working with students and making cross-curricular connections between art and other subjects.

Katie Seastrand, along with Annie Burbidge Ream (Utah Museum of Fine Art, UMFA), Brooke Smart (local artist), and Andy Sposato (UU scientist) provided an overview of the Better Days 2020 project, described their work and answered questions about the life of artists and scientists.

She often also leads virtual tours of the UMFA- including special exhibitions and environmentally relevant artworks as a part of Mission STEMCAP.

Categories: Art/ Science, Mission STEMCAP, Utah Museum of Fine Arts
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