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Blanca Yagüe is a PhD student and teaching assistant in the Anthropology department at the University of Utah. She holds an MS in Amazonian Studies from the National University of Colombia, Amazonian Branch, and a BA in Environmental Sciences from the University of Granada. Blanca has been working in the Amazon region for 11 years, mostly in Colombia. She has an interest in the cultural changes Indigenous peoples undergo when they transition to urban spaces; she looks at their foodways and use of Traditional Ecological Knowledge as a way to study ethnic identity expressions in the urban environments. Blanca’s research interests include food sovereignty and environmental justice. She is involved with the University of Utah Prison Education Project (UPEP) and conduct participatory research about Food Justice in Salt Lake City’s West Side. She enjoys trying new foods, especially if there are insects involved. She also likes swimming in cold waters, reading, quiet places and siestas.



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