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Annie Burbidge-Ream

Assistant Director of Learning and Engagement, Utah Museum of Fine Arts
Presentation: Clouds in Art and Science
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Annie Burbidge Ream has an MA in Art History from the University of Utah, with a focus on Land Art. In 2016, Annie received the UAEA (Utah Art Education Association) Museum Educator of the Year and NAEA (National Art Education Association) Pacific Region Museum Educator of the Year awards. Burbidge Ream believes that art not only expresses ideas but can be a powerful force for people to find common ground and understanding. In 2017 and 2018, she was among the recipients of the Award for Excellence in Statewide Collaboration from UMA (Utah Museum Association) and the Award of Merit from the American Association for State and Local History’s Leadership in History, respectively, for her work with Utah Humanities Museum on Main Street Program. Annie utilizes works of art to create hands-on, question-based experiences for teachers and students that emphasize the importance of creativity and experiential learning. She oversees the administration of UMFA’s K 12 School and Teacher Programs, K- 12 museum tours and field trip program, is the collections manager of the education collection, and is an assistant director of the Learning and Engagement department.

Annie has led multiple Art-Science workshops – collaborating both with partner scientists and also with STEMCAP staff. She and Katie Seastrand are regular presenters for Mission STEMCAP, presenting at least a virtual museum tour and often an accompanying art-science workshop in line with the Environmental challenge.

Categories: Art/ Science, Biodiversity Loss, Climate Change, Extinction, Mission STEMCAP, Overconsumption, Pollution, Utah Museum of Fine Arts
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