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Who are Youth-in-Custody?

The Utah State Board of Education defines Youth-in-Custody as: “Individuals under the age of 21 who are in the custody of or receiving services from the Utah Department of Human Services or an equivalent Native American tribe, or who are being held in juvenile detention facilities.” STEMCAP works in facilities that span the whole spectrum of Youth-In-Custody, working in facilities that range from juvenile detention centers to residential treatment centers.

Youth-In-Custody are required by law to receive an education. We work with teachers within these centers and carry out our programming primarily during students’ science class periods. In the 2020-2021 fiscal year, the Utah Juvenile Justice Service served 5,871 individual juveniles.

For more information about the Utah Juvenile Justice Service and Utah YIC click for (a) the most recent Annual report available to the public (2016) or (b) the Online Data Dashboard updated annually. 

2016 JJS Annual Report
Annual Data Dashboard

In the United States, on average there are 48,000 youth held in facilities away from their home as a result of juvenile or criminal involvement. This chart demonstrates the breakdown of holding facilities across the country. In Utah, in 2016, of all youths in custody on a typical day, about 45.4% were in community based programs and about 22% were in locked programs.

Where We Work

STEMCAP works in five Youth-in-Custody (YIC) facilities in and around Salt Lake Valley and the Utah State Hospital. We work within students’ classrooms, greenhouses, and the grounds of our partner facilities.

Within the University of Utah, we are based within the Office of Engagement in Undergraduate Studies. We collaborate with many different departments on campus and with other Community Partners throughout the Salt Lake Valley.

Centers We Serve

  • Salt Lake School District
    • Salt Lake Valley Youth Center
    • Decker Lake Youth Center
  • Provo School District
    • Slate Canyon Youth Center
    • Oak Springs School at the Utah State Hospital
  • Davis School District
    • Farmington Bay Youth Center
  • Ogden School District
    • Mill Creek Youth Center