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STEM Community Alliance Program (STEMCAP) forges novel connections through inquiry-based and interactive STEM programming to put scientists, artists and community educators inside Youth-In-Custody (YIC) facilities. By creating opportunities for interactions among science-engaged community members and YIC students, we highlight common ground for learning by all participants. Our program offer topical science presentations, art-science workshops,and experiential conservation projects. We help empower Youth-In-Custody by demonstrating ways they can contribute to their community while in the custody of the state and into the future.

April 28, 2021

Mission STEMCAP: Biodiversity Loss

For two weeks the students at Farmington Bay Youth Center learned about Biodiversity Loss. In week 1 the students got a crash course into what biodiversity loss is, watched a…
April 15, 2021

Mission STEMCAP Overconsumption Series at Decker Lake Youth Center

This 8-day workshop taught the students about the environmental problems associated with human overconsumption of resources and how the 3 Rs can help – reduce, reuse and recycle. During these…
March 25, 2021

Mission STEMCAP: Overconsumption at Decker Lake

The students at Decker Lake just finished their two week long Mission STEMCAP series about Overconsumption. This series was focused on educating the students about the issues and solutions surrounding…

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